"I'm not even sure where to begin to express my gratitude for what I experienced last week. I guess I expected a class more on the workings/techniques of photography. What I received was a life changing view of our earth and how we as photographers can share that view with others. Your knowledge and love for these mountains, trees, plants and flowers is second to none. I always thought of myself as a nature lover but you probably forgot more then I'll never know.

You are truly blessed with the gift of teaching and reaching not only the minds of your students but most importantly their "hearts", and for that I thank you from the bottom of mine."

Brad H
Murphy, North Carolina


EarthsongWorkshopsThere is no better way to begin - or to continue on - your photographic journey than with the experience of a workshop. EarthSong Photography workshops are designed for every skill level from the beginner to the budding professional. Knowledgeable and caring instructors share their insights into camera equipment, the photographic process, creativity, digital workflow, and post-processing - from viewfinder to print and everything in between. I have been a working professional nature photographer for twenty-three years, including time spent in studio work, lab work, photojournalism, assignment work, and teaching. I have traveled extensively throughout the country and intimately know the places where my workshops are held.

I believe that, in addition to knowledgeable instruction, being in the presence of like-minded others is an integral part of a workshop that contributes to growth as a photographer. So community is also an important aspect of an EarthSong experience: the open and on-going exchange of information and ideas by each person present.

Finally, there is the opportunity in a workshop - whether for a day, an extended weekend, a long weekend, or longer - to set aside the distractions that are too often present in the everyday world and to focus entirely on the path of your photographic journey: the gaining of knowledge, the acquiring of skills, and the reflection on creativity and beauty that make the journey so worthwhile.

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