Saturday, 14 October 2017 14:22

Somewhere Along the River

Its name from the Tsalagi translates roughly to "by the river," so that it perhaps refers to an ancient village that was located somewhere along the waters of the beautiful stream now known as Oconaluftee. Where Kephart Prong and Beech Flats Prong converge, perhaps half-a-mile upstream from here, the Oconaluftee is born and begins gathering its children as it plunges southward to its rendezvous with the Tuckaseegee on the way to the Little Tennessee. In autumn, the Oconaluftee's boulder-strewn bed and banks blaze with the colors of American beech; and following a gushing rain its flow turns frothy as it runs toward the sea. A focal length of 33mm, just inside of wide-angle, gave me the angle-of-view I wanted. An aperture of f/22 provided depth-of-field, and a shutter speed of 4.0 seconds at ISO 100, on a soggy, overcast day, gave me an overall medium exposure. As I reflect on the intimacy of this little landscape, I am reminded of the everyday beauty that surrounds us all of the time.

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