Saturday, 21 September 2019 11:49

Ballot Box Gone Missing

The Noah Waldroup farm is nestled a scant half-mile below where the Appalachian Trail passes through Taylor Hollow Gap on its way to Hot Springs (Madison County), North Carolina. The 4686' majesty of Bluff Mountain rises to the west. Noah's descendant, Floyd Waldroup farmed this land early in the Twentieth Century, and he was quite active in the politics of Spring Creek Township. Perhaps the old ballot box came to be in Floyd's barnloft via a completely innocent route, or perhaps it was conveniently squirreled away so that its contents could forever remain a mystery. The stories Floyd might tell...but the barn is silent.

From the top rung of the ladder leading into the barnloft door I set my camera at floor level just inside the entrance on the hand-riven chestnut boards. A focal length of 18mm gave me the angle of view I wanted with the ballot box revealing its lofty surroundings. An aperture of f/20 provided depth-of-field, and at ISO 200 a shutter speed of 10.0 seconds gave me a very slightly darker than medium exposure.

Perhaps my own childhood experiences with barns never allows me to tire of visiting them. They all have amazing stories to share of times that have, sadly, disappeared.

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