Saturday, 12 August 2017 00:08

A Horse is a Horse, of Course

The Grapevine Township of Madison County, North Carolina is a rugged land circumscribed by Bailey Ridge to the East, Sevenmile Ridge to the West, and the meandering uplifts of the Walnut Mountains, just a slightly smaller version of, and a hop,skip, and a jump away from, the great Bald Mountains that wander the North Carolina-Tennessee border to the north. Bull Creek, a major tributary of Ivy River, drains much of this beautiful countryside, a haven of small, upland farming clusters. Here, sometime in the late-nineteenth or early-twentieth century, a farmer named Mace built a lovely livestock barn. It was later adapted to burley tobacco as evidenced by the visibly altered roofline with its shallow angle that provided more room and increased storage capacity in the upper, or loft, area. Gene Rogers now owns the barn and the old homeplace, part of the rich heritage of this venerable piece of these ancient hills. A focal length of 28mm, wide-angle for certain, gave me the angle-of-view I wanted. An aperture of f/18 provided depth-of-field, and a shutter speed of 0.5 seconds at ISO 100, gave me an overall medium exposure. I don't know if his name is really "Ed", but it sure sounded like he said, "Of course", as I walked by.

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