Saturday, 16 March 2019 07:49

A Road to Somewhere?

Four weeks ago I shared an Image, the first iPhone image, actually, of a macro composition of cracked paint and rust on an old farm implement at the Tom Brown farm in the Beech Glen Township of Madison County, North Carolina. This morning I thought I would be a bit more realistic and share a wide-angle view from the same wonderful old farm. It, truly, is one of our favorite workshop locations. Barns are on my mind because all weekend Bonnie and I have had the pleasure of attending the 42nd Annual Appalachian Studies Conference at UNC-Asheville. It has been a wonderful experience being with so many folks who seriously study and share the natural and cultural history - past and present - of these mountains we call home. We look forward to our fall barn workshops with new eyes. What is it that allows, or encourages, you to find connection in your world?

A focal length of 27mm, toward the upper end of wideangle-land, gave me the angle-of-view I wanted so as to include the abandonded implement and both of the barns with the road to connect them. An aperture of f/20 provided depth-of-field and an ISO of 200 allowed me to set a shutter speed of 0.6 second to achieve a medium exposure, and along with a bit of patience to freeze the very slight breeze wafting through the trees.

I think of Tom Brown and his farm this morning with a renewed sense of connection and respect for the farmers of these wonderful old mountains

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