Saturday, 22 September 2018 21:53

Cloud Dance

The amazingly beautiful drama that unfolds from a Purchase Knob dawn seems, on most occasions, to lend itself more readily to the grand landscape variety of image with sweeping lines and foregrounds offering a sense of depth as far as the eye can see. It is seldom that what attracts my eye most readily is a tightly drawn graphic scene such as this one, but the low clouds and fog-filled valleys and their intervening ridges seemed to be oriented toward just that sort of presentation; and so I followed that attraction and allowed it to lead my creative response.

A focal length of 300mm, medium telephoto, gave me the magnification and angle-of-view I wanted, tightly in on several distant ridges. An aperture of f/11, given the camera-to-subject distance of two or three miles, and an ISO of 100, allowed for a shutter speed of 15.0 seconds, the movement from which is evident in the foreground cloudforms; and it also gave me a slightly darker-than-medium overall exposure.

Sometimes previsualization of what you wish to create is exactly the approach to take, but sometimes being open to receiving whatever gifts may come allows one's eyes to see in an unexpected and unanticipated way. It's all about the fun of finding what is before you and expressing whatever that may be.


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