Friday, 13 April 2018 23:17


Sometimes it's fun to approach a usual subject in a somewhat unusual way, and so I found myself looking down at the spreading blossoms of a beautiful dogwood (Cornus florida) on the edge of a small forest of dogwoods growing along the last stretches of the Blue Ridge Parkway above Big Cove in the Qualla Boundary. It was a scene that seemed to demand the use of a short focal length lens and a somewhat unusual wide angle-of-view with the low-bending blossoms in the foreground and the spindly, angular trunks of neighboring trees in the background.

A focal length of 27mm, solid wide-angleland, gave me the angle-of-view I wanted. An aperture of f/18 provided depth-of-field and a shutter speed of 1/13th second at ISO 100 froze any slight motion and gave me an overall slightly-lighter-than-medium exposure. A single deformed blossom in the foreground provided an interesting counterpoint to the otherwise lush and full array of white.

When out-of-the-ordinary compositions present themselves, don't hesitate to go outside of your usual box of compositional thoughts and see something unsual in the beauty around you.

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