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Sunday, 06 August 2017 14:08

Kodachrome Dreamin'

Looking into the lower slopes of Mount Kephart from Thomas Divide on an autumn day in mid-October can cause one to feel as if they have become lost on a well-used an artist's palette; and when to this is added the moodiness of a morning's rising fog, one can easily be convinced that the world is nothing if not a kodachrome dream-come-true. A focal length of 117mm, somewhere on the cusp of short-to-medium telephoto, gave the angle-of-view I wanted - an intimate landscape view of the forest. An aperture of f/16, given the camera-to-subject distance, provided depth-of-field; and along with ISO 200 allowed for a shutter speed of 0.4 seconds and a very slightly lighter-than-medium overall exposure. There was just enough of a breeze that being under half-a-second was much more productive than being at nearly a whole second, in terms of achievable sharpness. These beautiful old mountains seem more colorful with the passing years.

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